Goodbye, BoJo: Boris Johnson has agreed to resign

The biggest political disaster in modern Downing Street history has finally come to an end. After yesterday’s mass rebellion, with the resignation of Rishi Sunak, UK Economy and Finance Minister, and Sajid Javid, Health Minister, and closely followed by the resignation of Will Quince, Under-Secretary for Children and Families, only the last chapter was missing: the resignation of Boris Johnson.

And so it will be: according to what? mentioned From guardianThe prime minister accepted his resignation, but asked to remain in office until the election of the new Conservative leader, scheduled for September.

In the December 2019 general election, BoJo won a historic victory, securing an absolute majority in Westminster with 365 seats and declaring that Brexit would be completed “at any cost”. Today his mandate is completely empty, also as a result of a public image irreparably affected by the Party Gate scandal (which saw him as a hero to some private party in the midst of the Covid emergency) and accusations of sexual harassment that erupted last week. Chris Pincher, the deputy leader of the Conservative Party in the House of Commons, is accused of molesting two people during a good night at a London club, one of whom was another MP.

Media gaffes quickly translated into hard-to-recover political defeats, and above all the sensational May Day gala, marking the administration, in which the Conservatives lost nearly 400 seats and received a majority in the districts they controlled until the 1970s. , such as Westminster, Wandsworth, and Barnet.

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