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More and more Italian viewers are today appreciating the possibilities offered by modern televisions Smart TVs connected to the Internetas can be seen in it flow (Or re-watch, if we missed it) a TV show or series. To do this, however, you need the right person programIn fact, there is no streaming platform that shows all Digital Terrestrial programs for free, Each publisher has its own application.

but Not all applications available to All operating systems Of all smart TVs, making it possible to watch a program on one TV, but not on another, is probably better and more expensive but, in practice, it has an operating system There is no application in the question.

TP Visionthe Amsterdam-based company that produces branded Smart TVs Phillipsand he announced good news in this regard: an app Mediaset Infinitylong lost from its own platform, is finally here.

Mediaset Infinity on Philips TVs

the TP Vision Philips Smart TV Not all have the same operating system: older versions have a somewhat outdated and non-standard version of Linux that looks like Android TV (called Saphi OS), newer versions have a newer version of Saphi OS, or Google TV (such as modelsthe one“).

Mediaset Infinity has long been available for TVs with standard operating systems Android TV or Google TV, it is not for custom versions. Now, however, TP Vision announces the arrival of the app sui latest televisions. In particular each 2022 and 2023 models And soon, those, too 2021-22.

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What Mediaset Infinity is broadcasting

Mediaset Infinity is essentially to Mediaset what RaiPlay is to RAI: ​​Basically Archives Through which users can fish for content to watch on demandon the other hand, the live broadcast version of live television on digital terrestrial television.

Therefore, we find all the episodes on the Mediaset streaming platform It has already been broadcast One of the most popular broadcasts, such as hyenasAnd out of the coreAnd Italy tonight. There is, too News editions group, sports broadcasting, and everything in between.

Then there direct of the channels also broadcast on DTT:

  • Channel 5
  • Italy 1
  • network 4
  • 20 Mediaset
  • iris
  • 27 twenty-seven
  • A5
  • Cinema 34
  • Mediaset Extra
  • highest offense
  • to focus
  • Italy 2

for this Free channels Only those available are added by subscribingBy subscribing to the service Infinity + Which, among other things, has the right to broadcast 104 UEFA Champions League matches in the next two seasons.

TV platforms: the application question

Therefore, it is clear that for fans of snake channels, the presence of the Mediaset Infinity application can be possible make the difference When choosing a smart TV, and in general, manufacturers who manage to bring as many applications as possible to their software platforms have the highest hopes for success.

On the contrary: if the TV is smart Missing apps And most importantly, this model risks achieving little commercial success, even if all other characteristics are excellent.

For example, in this sense, Philips devices, which had an outdated version on board for a long time Saphi OS (Operating system based on Linux but different from Android TV). application Dazen For pre-2022 Philips TVs equipped with Saphi OS, simply, There never was.

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