Good morning from the Stock Exchange November 16, 2021 – Economy and Finance

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(Teleborsa) – Par close on the New York Stock Exchange, with the Dow Jones which is 36,087.45 points; On the same line, the Nasdaq 100To close at 16189.12 points.

Closes at parity Tokyo, which proposes +0.11% on the final and deposits the exchanges at 29,808.1 points. Shenzhen It returns home, down 0.47%, to close at 14636.4 points.Positive balance of financial markets in the old continent, which is moving in the same upward wave. cautious performance of Frankfurt, which shows a performance of +0.16%; move a little London, which shows + 0.11%; resistance Paris, which represents a slight increase of 0.24%.

A marked increase (+ 0.60%) in Milan for the sector Travel and Leisure. Ibside Complex for Autogrillwhich moves 0.73%.

Consumer prices announced in Franceequal to 2.6%. In the UK, the unemployment rate has been published with a value of 4.3%. The EU GDP figures are expected this morning, and Italy’s consumer prices are expected.

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