Golfing among the sharks, this sport becomes scary in Australia

Skydiving, bungee jumping, paragliding and … golf. Scented and well-groomed grass, focus before the strokes and stunning landscapes: you’ll never list golf among the sports More dangerous In the world? Usually not. However, near Brisbane, in AustraliaA misguided ball can end up in one’s mouth Shark. In fact, six sharks. Lake, located in the magnificent green carpet of carbrook golf clubactually hosts Six large bull sharksIts length is two and a half to three meters, and it must be treated with respect.

Predators of this type are often not seen in a golf course pond. But in the late 1990s, heavy rains fell on the area, causing the brackish waterways to overflow. Unprecedented climatic conditions led to the confinement of specimens in the golf club. meeting with bull sharkAs the bull shark is called in Australia, it is an unrepeatable experience, especially if it is documented by pictures of the circuit. Among the many holes, it stands out Number 14It is located a few meters from the lake and it is best suited to be surprised by someone fin on the water surface. The question arises: Are the players not far away?

The presence of huge predators was, contrary to what one might think, a great catalyst for increased appetite. The club He took the opportunity to associate his name with the sharks that made him famous in the world by designing a fin on his logo. “You can’t imagine how close the sharks are,” The center’s director, Scott Wagstaff, said in an interview Fox Sports. “It is a positive fact for the club, that since I have been working here, I have become a person who is passionate about sharks” – he concluded. The club’s initiatives are many: every month is called a tournament Shark Lake Challenge and the Junior Academy Shark, dedicated to young children. The fame, which the club has earned for having sharks in the pond, has long been reciprocated by feeding them during lean periods, so it can continue to stir up emotion. A unique place in the world, where you can combine Sports And an incredible experience, just a few meters from the Kings of the Sea.

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