Golf News – EDGA – Giovanni Nasi & Diasurin International Cup: The first edition is already a record!

Here we go: Only a few days left until the “Giovanni Nassi and Disoren International Disabled Golf Cup”, which will take place at Golf Turin – La Mandria on September 9 and 10, the EDGA Tour is valid for the WR4GD Disability Golf Ranking Approved by the Italian Golf Federation and sponsored by the Italian Paralympic Committee.

The Giovanni Nassi Cup has always been an example of inclusion in the Italian golf scene: born in 1996 by the will of sons Andrea and Tiziana to remember their father, President of Turin Golf from 1946 to 1982, it has always held a ranking and award for the first disabled golfer.

My first participation dates back to 2017: on that occasion I met the volcano Tiziana Nassi, at that time the president of the Italian Winter Sports Paralympic Federation (FISIP) and now the vice-president of the Italian Paralympic Committee.

Then last year, while chatting with Tiziana and “teach” Gregorio Guglielmenetti of Paralympic golf in Piedmont about the future of this competition, a “crazy” idea popped up: But why not make the Giovanni Nasi Cup an international competition on the EDGA circuit?

A tight-knit, passionate and sometimes reckless team was formed on the spot, which day in and day out exchanged emails, video calls, messages and meetings between one business commitment and another, shaping the event. Diasurin did not set limits to his cooperation, combining professionalism and enthusiasm: in addition to tasks “institutional” I contributed by adding details that will make this race unforgettable for all participants.

The result makes us all proud: more than 70 registered players among them, plus a large group of Italians, are golfers from France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Israel, Belgium, Chile, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Turkey, Germany and Slovakia. One of the most exciting tournaments ever on the EDGA circuit.

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One aspect that makes me particularly happy is having eight golfers, including “star” Daphne van Houten. This is an important result and we should also target it in the next edition, bearing in mind that there are usually two or three women’s appearances in these tournaments, often all at once.

Among the elite players, in addition to the above-mentioned Daphne van Houten, blue Tommaso Perino, Manuel de los Santos and Ireland’s Gareth McNeely and Conor Stone, members of the Ireland team, European champions.

In short, it will be pure entertainment and entertainment!

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