‘Golden Girls’ episode with blackface scene pulled from Hulu

‘Golden Girls’ episode with blackface scene pulled from Hulu

“The Golden Girls” is the hottest sitcom to have an episode pulled from a streaming service because of to a scene depicting blackface.

Hulu has pulled “Mixed Blessings” (Time 3, Episode 23), which sees Dorothy’s son Michael preparing to marry an more mature Black woman named Lorraine. Bea Arthur’s character problems about the nuptials owing to the age difference, while Lorraine’s family disapproves of their daughter marrying a white person, and attempts are manufactured on the two sides to phone the entire thing off. Lorraine’s loved ones arrives just as Rose (Betty White) and Blanche (Rue McClanahan) are trying a new mud facial therapy, and as the two greet their new company, Rose states, “This is mud on our faces, we’re not actually Black.”

The episode’s removal is the hottest in a string of shows that have viewed episodes taken down or noticeably edited due to blackface scenes or jokes. Previously this week, 3 episodes of “Scrubs” were taken off from Hulu for their depictions of blackface, adhering to the elimination of four episodes of “30 Rock” for scenes that includes blackface. The British sketch show “Little Britain” was also taken off from Netflix and other streaming platforms before this month for its pervasive use of blackface.

Furthermore, “The Office” removed a scene that includes a character in blackface from a Season 9 episode, but still left the rest of the episode intact. An complete episode of “Community” has as a result much been pulled from at the very least Netflix’s library. In the Period 2 episode, Chang (Ken Jeong) is found in blackface when displaying up to a Dungeons & Dragons match, as he proceeds to make clear that he was cosplaying as “a darkish elf.”

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