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God exists? For the United States, there is little doubt, on the Old Continent instead …

What are the countries of the world where people believe blindly in God?

A map has been published on the popular social network Reddit Users in the United States and Europe, who were able to see the differences in “creed” from one country to another.

The graph — which refers to research by the Pew Research Center, an American think tank based in Washington — shows how this is happening in the United States. Most residents are convinced of the existence of God.

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In fact, the map shows that in the United States the existence of God is emphasized by a percentage Ranging from 50 to 70% of the population, with higher peaks in states such as Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and Missouri, where the proportion became 70 or even 80%.

The situation in Europe is completely different, at least according to studies by the Pew Research Center. except Much of the Balkans and Greece, where the proportion is between 50 and 70%, in countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain and Spain Between 10 and 30% of the population believe in the existence of God.

“We’ve been exporting religious fanatics for centuries, sorry”

The same applies to the Nordic countries, while it is observed stronger conviction In countries such as Portugal, Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia, where between 30 and 49% of the population believes in God.

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Someone on Reddit points out that religious affiliation is more pronounced in the United States than in Europe: “We trust in God” Biden tends to end all of his speeches with “And may God protect/bless our soldiers…”, as a comment reads.

Expect another user different color For his country: “I am amazed that Poland is not purple,” which is the color used to denote a very strong belief in the existence of God.

Finally, there are also some nice apologies: “Centuries ago We have exported many of our religious fanatics in America. sorry “.

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