Gmail has a new logo much more than that of Google

Google is replacing the iconic Gmail envelope logo with a design that closely aligns with other Google products. The new Gmail logo is now M made from Google’s primary brand colors blue, red, yellow and green. It closely matches the similar logos of Google itself, Google Maps, Google Photos, Chrome, and many other Google products. The envelope is nothing more.

Company Quick Reports Google has considered dropping M altogether or removing Gmail’s red completely, but people involved in user search studies weren’t happy with the changes. However, the studies helped Google realize that the envelope portion of the Gmail logo was not a significant component of the design, allowing the team to experiment with keeping the letter M and adding the traditional Google color palette.

The new Gmail logo is still predominantly red, with a small hint of yellow, blue, and green marked with an M arc. If you place it alongside other Google logos, it’s hard to distinguish between them. Google has also revamped its calendar logos, Docs, Meet, and Sheets to match the new Gmail design.

The new logos are part of a broader revamp of Google G Suite, which is now so Rebranded to Google Workspace. Google is trying to integrate Gmail, Chat and Docs into a central location, to better compete with Microsoft Office’s integrated approach and especially Outlook email.

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