Globe Soccer Awards 2021, Sky will be the media partner for the 12th edition

Very close to the awards ceremony Globe Soccer Awards 2021Awards dedicated to the world of football and, in particular, to those who have distinguished themselves the most during the year. This will be the twelfth edition and like every year the award categories have increased. In fact, it all began in 2010, when the organization Globe Soccer She chose to give awards to Best Agent and Best Executive of the Year. From that moment on, the offer expanded, from rewarding the best players, all the way to special and original prizes. This 2021 edition, in particular, will see fourteen prizes awarded, which are as follows: best player of the year, the Player of the Year, the Best men’s club of the year, the Sorority Club of the Year, the Best Defender of the Year, the Best goalkeeper of the year, the best coach of the year, the Best National Team of the Year, the Best Agent of the Year, the Sports Director of the Year, the Tik Tok player of the year, the Esports Player of the YearPlayer Career Award and Special Award. The event will take place in Dubai, in the frameAl Wasl Plaza, immersed in the atmosphere of Expo 2020. Moreover, i Globe Soccer Awards They can count on different sponsors, divided into two tiers, Platinum and Gold. They belong to the first category four: Expo 2020, UAEAnd AreaAnd Hero coin e Socios.com. The Golden Shepherds, on the other hand, are twelve: Bezogia legendsAnd TechnotreeAnd AudiAl Nabooda Motors, Ad Sports, LavazzaAnd pyriteSilver Sands North Coast, helpAnd very rareAnd Chestum, and the Waldorf Astoria Dubai International Financial Center. Also, the event gets stronger Media Partners of the highest standing.

I Media Partners

I Media Partners subordinate Globe Soccer Awards 2021 There are seven:

  • Marker: The most important Spanish newspaper, based in Madrid, which deals mainly with football, although it also talks about other sports.
  • LAPRESS: Italian news agency based in Milan.
  • Koora: The leading sports news site in the Arab world.
  • sports businessProvides news, analysis and statistics.
  • 90+: An online platform that provides visual content about the world of sports.
  • EurosportDiscovery is the European network of sports television channels owned by Discovery.
  • sky: Famous European TV presenter belongs to Sky Group.

Sky Group

Sky Group Limited It is a company operating in the telecommunications sector. known as skyBorn in the United Kingdom, this company then expanded throughout most of Western Europe, also reaching Italy, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Spain. The company was born in the early eighties and nineties of the last century, thanks to businessman Robert Murdoch. over time, sky It has developed more and more, first remaining within the British borders, and then also expanding abroad, to the point that in 2018 it became the largest paid television operator in Europe in terms of turnover and from the catchment area, as well as the number of employees. The company can count on several branches like, for example, Sky UK, Sky Italia, Sky Ireland, Sky Deutschlandbroadcast in Germany and Austria. Sky Studios, production company e right Nowbroadcast platform. For the TV show, sky Variety on different fronts: from an entertainment point of view you can take advantage of it for example Sky Original Based on sky stories, as well as many other channels dedicated to shows and culture; In the cinema, on the other hand, there are Sky Cinema, which offers a wide range of films and premieres; Some channels, then, are dedicated to science, technology and history, such as channels Sky Documentaries, the sky nature; Also there is no shortage of news thanks Sky News, as well as channels intended for children, such as, for example, Nickelodeon e Cartoon Network; at the end, sky She has always stood out for her wonderful suggestion In the field of sports, especially in the world of football, with many channels dedicated to it, in addition to many competitions and exclusive meetings.

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Sky Italia

Sky Italia Born on July 31, 2003, when they met TV Stream e phone + digital. This broadcaster’s TV offering is based on packages, which users can choose to purchase individually and totaling six packages:

  • Sky TV: This is the basic package that allows you to watch TV series, documentaries, and channels dedicated to entertainment, art, music, as well as news. In total there are 47 channels and 30 of them are in HD.
  • Entertainment Plus: This package only includes adding Netflix to the base Sky TV service.
  • Sky Cinema: A package dedicated to movies and offers 15 channels, all of which are also available in HD.
  • Sky Sports: It provides channels for the sports world, 10 of which are 9 visible in HD, and one in 4K HDR.
  • Sky Soccer: This package is specifically for football world It has 15 channels. Ten of them, in particular, are in HD and one in 4K HDR.
  • Sky Kids: A package consisting of 12 channels, one of them in HD, that presents cartoons.
Sky Italia

Among the main services it offers Sky ItaliaSo there: Sky Box, a set-top box that allows you to watch channels on your TV; celestial, this is also a decoder, but, unlike the first, it allows you to set automatic recording; Sky Q, which provides additional functions that basically can’t be used on a TV; Sky on demand, which offers customers on-demand videos, which can be viewed at any time; sky go, a service that allows you to view content in broadcast mode; Sky digital terrestrial, which offers viewing of Sky contents on digital land, in particular in the proposal there are 9 channels of the Sky TV package, 3 of Sky Sport and 6 of Sky Calcio. In short, in Italian territory, sky It is definitely one of the most, if not the most used, TV broadcaster, and with its constant development, it always manages to maintain a very high user base, despite the constant reach of competitors.

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Sky Sports

Sports is definitely one of the main themes that he presents sky. Indeed, the broadcaster has always been able to count on so many exclusive offers related to various sports disciplines, that such a broad proposal in the field of sports has become so alien and characteristic of the same company. skyIn particular, I’ve always focused a lot on soccer and came up with creating a package just for it. Indeed, Italian users have always been able to watch the main football competitions exclusively or exclusively on this broadcaster.

Sky Sports
Sky Sports

Although in recent years especially with the arrival of daznAnd sky Losing some content, the view from this point of view remains remarkably broad starting from league, Where it broadcasts 3 matches per day in a joint exclusive, then connect with B . series, which has rights for all races and with Premier League, the Bundesliga and the League 1, which can broadcast some matches. Also, in the proposal there are almost all matches Champions League, All theEuropean League and all Conference League. Other sports, however, are not short on offer sky, because, for example, it transfers all files MotoGP and all Formula OnePlus some of the most memorable tennis tournaments, including the Masters 1000 and Wimbledon. Also NBASo, it has its own space, along with European basketball. These, however, are just some of the disciplines he touched upon skyThe offer also includes other sports such as golf or rugby. In short, Sky definitely behaves as a leader in the sports world, so it is not surprising to think that it is Media Partner of the Globe Soccer AwardsIt is one of the most prestigious awards dedicated to the world of football.

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