Global taxation, even for the UK, is a priority

(Teleborsa) – In Global minimum tax to Multinational companies It is also a land of comparison United kingdom. In fact, the Labor Party has announced that it will push for a vote in Parliament to fully support the US proposal. The United States Department of the Treasury In fact, he stated that he would be willing to accept a rate of at least 15% during international negotiations, a rate lower than what he plans to offer multinationals in the United States, 21%. France and Germany have already lent their support to setting the minimum rate at this level, while other countries are pressing for lowering the threshold: in the past, assumptions raised within the OECD have centered around 12.5%, the rate applied by the OECD.Ireland.

British Finance Minister Rishi Sonak It has already announced that from 2023 it will raise the corporate tax rate to 25% (today it is 19%) and set the realization of an international agreement on how to tax large digital companies. priorityWe welcome the renewed commitment of the United States to address this problem and agree that minimum taxes can help ensure that companies pay taxes. However – he added – it is also important where the tax is to be paid and any agreement must ensure that digital companies pay taxes that reflect their business activities in the UK.

“This global deal will begin Tassi extra In the interest of Britain, while preventing large multinationals and internet giants from undermining our business, ”said the CFO of the Labor Party. Rachel Reeves.

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