Global and full dispensaries, inevitable tax

We have entered a month world 2022I notice that from complete dispensariesFrom wrong strategies, from backward tactics, from problems a competition like the World Cup always causes, but, fixed between November and December, the effect is multiplied in the impact on club teams and players. World Cup in this period one Absolute Grandma It also brings with it new management problems injuries, warning players as the event approaches. It was already there with the World Cup in June, not to mention the World Cup between November and December.

Agent Pimenta announces ‘Pogba is skipping the World Cup’

After the summer, there are at least two months before hostilities resume, and here, after a short break, the race will resume. Without a bad thought, it is human to show the spirit of conservation in light of an event like this. However, this can lead to glaring errors in evaluation such as errors Paul Pogba Who after a muscle disease associated with a knee problem will not go to Qatar. The Octopus didn’t want to work neatly so you wouldn’t miss a call blue Now, instead they’ll leave it up Homepage. In Juventus there is also the case Angel Di Maria So the case ‘acconcio’ is ‘partly’: yesterday it was partly on an array. And (too) seen so far.

Juventus, due to its structure and media presence, is the most vulnerable to controversy. But in this case it completely failed: Pogba and Di Mariain the shows, they had to be the “bronzes” that Max Allegri He should build the rescue and instead he didn’t receive it. If we add a case Dusan VlahovicSo we are talking about groin pain, the picture is completely black (the white disappeared). But it does not mean that others do not have similar problems. Romelu Lukaku, the return driver, almost never seen by Inter, back and forth from a series of ailments. And what about Paulo Dybala, flashes of infinity for Rome alternating with his physical weakness. The World Cup is in danger for him, too.

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Each team has their own little problem, the doubts and bewilderment that this adventure in the sand brings. Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni He requested that his heroes not be allowed to play in the last game before the break. insurgency. However, he has made clear in recent days that footballers should not be afraid to go on the pitch and think about having fun. It looks easy.

Those who don’t enjoy are the clubs because up to this point we’ve done an analysis.”Before“.But there is also.”after, after“. In what circumstances will the players return from the Mundial on the sands of the Gulf? Another great unknown. We will only find out by living.

there moral? It would have been better to invest in the Italians or in those who will be watching the World Cup on TV. Like Napoli who took over the best Italian striker, Giacomo Raspadori And the phenomenon Khafesha Kvaratskhelia, Georgian. Provocation, we admit. But to a certain extent. However, the Italians of this period are very good.

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It’s official: Pogba will miss the World Cup

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