Glaciers are full of bacteria, what’s going on?

Glaciers: The water is full of bacteria. the reason? Let’s immediately find out what’s going on. Data from a study

Melting glaciers: water full of bacteria
Glaciers (Pixabay)

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We know ours environmental system It is changing and that climate change is having a big impact on that they change And it is not always positive. Evolution affecting our glaciers, for example, hasn’t happened since to neglect. Melting glaciers often produce tons of water Contains Microorganisms and bacteria that can also be very dangerous. L’Water Of glaciers full of bacteria: We discover immediately, in the details, What is happening. her studies open We always have really troubling aspects Undervalued.

Glacier water: It’s full of bacteria

Melting glaciers alarming data
Water – Glaciers (Pixabay)

As we well know, it is decomposition From glaciers, determines the increase in water, rivers, seas and lakes. in this water They live Many types of microorganisms, in most cases bacteria. If in some cases they are useful elements of our ecosystem, they are capable fertilization Optimal soil and water enrichment, and in other cases these Attendees It can be very harmful and dangerous.

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Aberystwyth University in the UK has implemented one study In this regard, highlight how dangerousInvade from some bacteria. These microorganisms, always hosted From glaciers, with their melting flow into the waters Create from damages. What is often underestimated and that recent study Highlights is that glaciers are a real ecosystem.

The study’s analysis was published for the first time in the journal Nature Communications Earth & Environment. Identifies The number of bacteria on the surface and inside the glacier Earthlings. The study looked at the waters fusion Of the eight glaciers in North America and Europe and two more in Greenland. data appeared Really worrying: in the next few years 80 years, in fact, after that 100 A ton of bacteria can seep into the environment.

session number Depends on So much time that glaciers take fusion This number is inevitably linked to global warming. The advice From scientists to avoid disasters is to reduce emissions Carbon Dioxidein order to slow down the merger. this way spread of microorganisms will decrease by about a third.

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You have to stay in consideration That these studies and data pose a risk Cement Both for fragile ecosystems and those areas on which their ecosystems are anchored Survival On economic activities strictly linked to the water that comes from the glaciers. The ruin So they can be irreversible and the entire ecosystem can suffer the changes dangerous.

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