Giving up wine for the diet? No, use smaller glasses

c.Hello, he must follow a diet that he knows, even alcohol “weighs”. However, resisting a second glass of excellent wine is not always easy. How do we do that? A British study published in the journal “Addiction” reports a little trick that seems to work: replace classic 750ml bottles of wine with smaller ones and drink from smaller glasses.

The 260 British families who participated in the research were asked to adopt new habits for 14 days: their usual consumption of wine was about two bottles per week. The group was divided into two subgroups, the first was asked to continue to follow the established habits, and the second to buy 375ml bottles. Not only that, some participants were also asked to use cups of lesser capacity of 350ml or, even smaller, 290ml.

At the end of the two weeks, the researchers found that those who found themselves forced to use smaller bottles consumed one glass of wine less than usual. A more significant result was seen in those who used smaller cups: they drank 6.5% less, or 1.7 fewer drinks, in 14 days.

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