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Music and engines have always conveyed strong emotions, it was they who made them meet and create a project Giulio Macroni And the David Poligawhose history was intertwined thanks to Giulio’s passion for music and motorcycles and the experience of David, who attended the MotoGP and Superbike stadiums for many years, and later became a manager.

After months of work, the two have reached important milestones like the next event that will be 15 – 16 – 17 July ’22 Donington Park (UK) At the Paddock Live show, Dell SBK World ChampionshipAnd the Julio will play the most popular rock songs as well as unreleased songs. He will accompany with his music interviews with Superbike and Supersport riders as well as entertain the large audience present in Paddock.

The project that united Julio and David is almost unique, Davide came up with the idea of ​​creating a guitar in the shape of a helmetthe only car built in the world that will accompany Giulio in his Musica-Motori performances.

This guitar is handmade by Lothair Mauro Gudenzi. there Godzi guitar It is an Italian brand located in Cattolica. Since 2006, it has been at the service of professionals and amateurs, both for the creation of custom guitars and for the aid of musical instruments. Gaudenzi guitars are instruments designed for measurement and, with the utmost care, should be able to establish a bond with the musician and accompany him throughout his life.

Drawings made and drawn by Nicolas Casadei For CSD Racing Design, Graphic Designer for many SBK and MotoGP racers.

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A huge relief to Giulio and Davide, who share a passion for engines and thanks to them QuickStarter By David Polega It is now a reality.

let’s start from Giulio MacroniThe guitarist has a passion for motors, especially motorcycles. Born in Como in 1994, he graduated in modern guitar in Nam in Milan and received a master’s degree in blue guitar from Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, and in April 2017 had the opportunity to play and duet with Phil Palmer and Eric Clapton guitarist, Dyer Straits, Robbie Williams. He currently works artistically with American guitarist Marcus Eaton, musician David Crosby. In 2018, he and his partner created Rock to Flip, a show in which motorcycles “dance” with the union of fires and flames over Giulio’s head, creating a one-of-a-kind concert that leads him to perform for prestigious brands including Bridgestone and Eicma and Sky Icarus until the first round in California with the support of Yamaha Music.

David Poliga On the other hand, he is well known in the world of motors, especially in the World Championship and Superbike. Born in Turin on 04/07/1971, he was the Italian champion in the 125 sport and European production of the 250 GP, Team Principal of the Lightspeed Kawasaki team until 2007, as well as the Cagiva 500cc test driver in the 1990s, one of the nicest and most competitive Cagiva produced for the 500cc class. . David’s skills led him to develop his expertise in motorsports, management, sponsorship and public relations, where he loves to introduce himself. A double relationship. In January 2021 he founded Quick Starter, a company that specializes professionally in strategic sports management and advisory services for motorsports and artists. Hence the cooperation with Giulio Macroni, who became its director.

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Comments by David Poliga, Director Giulio Macroni
“He came to Gabicce from Como on a motorbike and we chatted for a long time sitting at the end of the pier on the rocks. Far from the enthusiasm conveyed, I found a boy full of positive energy, of old schooling, enthusiastic, whose idea was very clear, to combine his rock music with a sport cars.He looked me straight in the eye and asked me to
Help him achieve two dreams he kept in his heart for months.. very ambitious and ambitious. I don’t know why, but I’ve always been so drawn to challenges and said yes without being convinced of the possibility of success. During one of hundreds of daily phone calls, to my question: Julio; Does an electric guitar have to have a certain shape and material? He replied that it was the electronic part that made him play the guitar. I immediately realized that I had to create something unique that could become a travel companion in all of his shows. The projects we are working on are different but all of them are unique and that is why I created a brand new guitar production in the form of CASCO, the only one built in the world that will accompany Giulio in his Musica-Motori performances. We’ll soon be going to Donington for SBK but the surprises don’t end there. We will also be present at Misano at the MotoGP on September 4th, but we will inform what we will do with the promoters as soon as possible.”

Giulio Macroni’s statement
“I wanted to take the opportunity to meet David during the summer holidays, also because it was the only time I was ever at peace of mind, obviously not a ‘simple’ conversation, I remember when I went away, farewell, I had an indescribable smile and happiness, perhaps, For it was a bit like love at first sight, which struck you, and I said to myself on the inside ‘He, he could be the one I was looking for…’ Many will, but only: Julio, what you do excites me and is really beautiful, I cannot promise you that I will succeed, but I can instead give you my word, that I will do everything to make these dreams of yours come true. From here, we begin to hear comparisons day and night, right up to founding very important projects including the crazy and crazy idea of ​​Helmet Guitar!I have worked for 9 years in this environment I have traveled halfway around the world but never had an idea like this Davide has collected some items that are of great importance, items that It can be seen in my opera!!! Thank you David, thank you For the person that you are and who you have shown me since the first meeting on the sidewalk, David is a very touchable and professional person, from words to deeds. Well, now our race begins. I also thank the promoters of SBK and MotoGP for their trust, after all, motorcycles are rock! “

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