Giovanna Botteri and Francesca Fagnani receive the “Luca Dello Prize in Installation”

The 2023 festival ends with two great guests, two professionals in TV journalism. Giovanna Botteri and Francesca Vagnani will be in Lucca tomorrow (June 11) to receive the “Lucca Dillo in synthesis” award, an award that identifies the best examples of brevity in the world of television and journalism each year. The appointment is at 6 pm in the Caffè delle Mura, no longer in the Palazzo Ducale, as announced in recent days. The change of venue stems from the appreciation shown by the public and guests for their ability to enjoy a historical place that – albeit for a few days – has come back to life and welcomes a rendezvous in the cultural life of the city.

Having received it last year by Antonio Ricci and Tulio Altan, in the company of such personalities as Lilly Gruber, Franca Liucini, Paolo Pagliaro, Vincenzo Mollica, Domenico Iannaconi, Letizia Battaglia and Margherita Remi, Botteri and Vagnani entered the list of honors. Winners of a prize dedicated to witty brevity, born of the festival which has been held in Lucca for eight years.

Giovanna Botteri, journalist of opinion, reporter from the United States until 2019, then from China and for two years from France, receives the journalism award named after Marcello Petrozziello, journalist and reporter from Lucca who passed away in 2020. law “The world has briefly closed a news report “. Instead, Francesca Fagnani, journalist, creator and presenter of the Belve format on Raidue, received the Television Award, “for having designed a new TV interview format on tuning.”

The award ceremony will be attended by Giorgio Simonelli, President of the Scientific Committee of the Prize and of the Festival della Sentisi, Alessandro Cesti, creator of the event, the Mayor of Lucca, Mario Bardini, and the President of the Casa di Risbarmio di. Lucca Foundation, Marcello Bertuccini.

After the ceremony, as in every edition, a talk will take place with Botteri and Fagnani as protagonists. Also with them are Daniela Marcheschi, Nani Delpeci and Sirio Del Grande.

The Synthesis Festival is made possible by the support of the Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca Foundation, the Municipality of Lucca, the Banca del Monte di Lucca Foundation and the territory of Giacomo Puccini (Northwest Tuscany Chamber of Commerce). The sponsors of this event are Vebex and Guidi Gino.

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