Giorgia Villa of Bergamo won the gold with the team in European Artistic Gymnastics

Cheerful face, covered with hands in a sign between sincere feelings and extreme emotion. The look, styled as usual, sparkles with joy. The athlete from Bergamo GeorgiavilleHe couldn’t believe his eyes when the result 165,163 appeared on the screen. Six numbers gave her, the captain, and her team of Martina Maggio, Asia, Alice D’Amato and Angela Andreoli the gold medal at the European Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Championships. The competition was held in Munich between August 11 and 14, and the strong emotions of the four blue gymnasts, the “fairies” as they are called, arrived on the final day of the competition.

Individually, the nineteen-year-old from Bergamo could not put herself on the podium for a few tenths, but the scores obtained contributed to the result of the Blue Fairies. In the beam, her favorite instrument, she received a rating of 13,300 points, and placed herself in seventh place, while in Unequal Parallels, she took fourth place with a score of 14,166, only seven tenths of the French Lorette Charpy.

In total, the team was able to achieve a result that the United Kingdom, with the silver medal, had, with four points, and the Germans with bronze, by about 7 points.

For Georgia Villa, this victory takes on a deep meaning, because the European is punishing her return to competitions of international level, after the injury that forced her to miss the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Bergamo promised gymnastics, who grew up in Treviolo until she was called up to Brixia when she was still very young She was selected by Enrico Casella for the Olympic Games. However, on the eve of her departure to Japan, she received severe injuries that prevented her on the ground. Since her return to the competition, February 2022, she immediately noticed, and immediately achieved excellent results, silver and bronze in the parallels, her specialty.

On her social media, she wrote about the Europeans in Monaco: “This experience also ends here, it was really exciting and I am so proud of my teammates and the team we are! We are European champions and it still isn’t true for us. There is clearly a little It’s bittersweet because I was aiming to do well in the finals too but I gave everything I had, so I can only be happy and proud of myself!”

Now the most important goal for her is the 2024 Paris Olympics.

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