Giorgia Meloni shares in the gym an inverted workout: double meanings are unleashed on social media

It’s not vacation time yet Georgia Meloni, who is in the middle of the hottest week of the year participating in a grueling workout in the gym. In the afternoon, the leader of the Italian fraternity was immortalized as she was pleased with rather strenuous exercises in the rings. The photos he then posted on Instagram. The post immediately sparked followers and detractors and stuck in Twitter trends all day long. the reason? Not to the point that Meloni – some argue – exaggerates “personal” content within its political pages, but the timeless exercise site is the focus of attention. At one point Meloni is seen upside down, with the caption: “We can improve.” On social media, memes and sarcastic comments were wasted. One wrote “Nostalgia,” “I understand your desire to remind everyone of the roots of the party you lead, but here we are exaggerating,” another tweeted. And again: “Is Meloni doing the Piazzale Loreto?” Or: “This is how the joke is served on a silver platter.” In short, the post has certainly gone viral, and there is still doubt: was there an intention to appear upside down?

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