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The penalties for those who do not accept payments through points of sale are a limitation of freedom. Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the Brothers of Italy, continues to be fiercely opposed to the Draghi government. From June 30, merchants who refuse ATMs and cards face heavy fines, a tightening in an effort to curb tax evasion. However, Giorgia Meloni doesn’t think this is the right way to get the black out and from her Facebook page she explained: “There is only one legal tender and that is banknotes printed by the European Central Bank. Electronic money is currency that is completely and legitimately issued and managed by private individuals for profit “.

FdI Number One emphasized that this is not an alternative service to cash, but an additional one: “Everyone must freely decide whether or not to use electronic money, with all the costs that it brings with it. This freedom no longer exists in Italy, governments have imposed By law, merchants and citizens are required to use electronic money, which presents a huge gift to whoever manages it.” These are the banks that actually benefit from the massive influx of transactions. Meloni closes the post with a critical note: “Everyone would like to do business like this: with the state forcing citizens to buy what the same company produces, but this is a remedy limited only to the usual suspects. I wonder why. “

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