Giordani buys another big name in medicine, including Franca de Lazzari on his list

After Evo Tiberio, Franca de Lazzari also became a candidate on the civil list of Sergio Giordani. The team started consisting of many first-level professionals in the field of medicine.

Which is

Padoan, MD graduated in Medicine and Surgery with a specialization in Gastroenterology and Allergy. University researcher until 2002, before winning the competition as director of the gastroenterology unit at San Antonio Hospital. Today he directs the Department of Gastroenterology Osa: “I see patients and organize clinical and preventive activities – explains De Lazzari – and my goal for the future is for my collaborators to become better than me and continue to provide quality healthcare and innovate health and care strategies.”


“In politics because if a great mayor like Sergio Giordani asks me, it is my duty to work with him to continue to improve Padua – reveals de Lazzari -. With Sergio Giordani I share a dream: serenity and peace for all, especially in these times. Need: to understand the difficulties of the city and help people, especially the most vulnerable. Venue: I/Our Padua where I express our best and grant the same chances of citizenship to all the women of Paduan and Paduan. I want to be a service to perform in the spirit of passion for good politics and to make myself available to others as I have tried to do all my life.”


“Padova has united and subsided in recent years, and this has led to an atmosphere in which in many areas it was possible to produce events and important events for the city – continues the doctor -. It is necessary to continue on this path and with Sergio Giordani the city is in good hands. Sergio showed that the mayor knows How he does it and shown that the only interest that drives him is Padua itself, our city. In particular, I dedicate my commitment to all women, so as not to forget that our city is a great city thanks to their daily commitment in the private and public sectors whatever their dreams they pursue and what role they occupy. Spread this awareness and reaffirm it, and it is necessary to work to create the necessary conditions so that the discrimination that still exists today is completely eliminated.I am sure that with Sergio Giordani, the next five years will be the time when the work is completed and the overall Padua is defined, Close to the most fragile and sustainable and concern for the fundamental good of health: a right that knows no boundaries and is universal as they have shown us. These difficult years of the pandemic.”

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