Gioia Todesco and Ariana Volpato

Gioia Todesco and Ariana Volpato

Futuristic wildcats return from America after cheerful club world championships: two TEDAROTE athletes are also in

On Wednesday May 4 in the early afternoon of Wednesday, an Emirates flight from New York to Milan landed with Team Wildcats Future on board, following the Club World Cup held in Orlando, Florida.
In the Gym & Cheer Athletic Club team, there are also two players from the “Titanium” team made up of Tizi Sol Brenta, Gioia Todesco and Ariana Volpato.

Cheerleading: Gioia Todesco
The delegation was warmly welcomed by the management and the other athletes left at home to cheer them on.
“A unique experience – comments Vicenza coach Michaela Scrimin upon her return from the US – to live above all behind the scenes with the boys. The moments of emotion before the race cannot be described in words, and our athletes handled the situation in the best possible way. They performed their routines in the finest competition ever and with the best American teams.The right award for the European champions who, as such, were able to qualify to be the sole representatives of the ancient continent.I am very proud of our titanium athletes, Goya and Ariana, who have been called up by the club to take part in this important competition Extremely “.
“We are already anticipating the next steps – continues company director Donato Zanullo, also returning from the trip – including, of course, the Europeans in Bottrop in Germany, near Cologne. We look forward to the challenges ahead with optimism and motivation.
But soon there will be other news regarding Gym & Cheer which operates, as we remember, both in Veneto and Piedmont, between the provinces of Novara and Vercelli.”
Meanwhile, rehearsals continue for Jim and Sheer Titanium. German athletes are determined to participate in the upcoming national and international events with the aim of achieving significant results.

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Tizi Sol Brenta, May 10, 2022

titanium cheer and danceThe first reality of cheerleading and dancing in the Vicenza region

encouragement It is a sport that combines choreography consisting of elements of acrobatic gymnastics, dance, jumps, pyramids, and throwing to compete in specific competitions and to cheer teams on the court during matches.
An athlete who practices cheerleading is called a cheerleader, while someone who performs choreography before, during and after other teams’ matches is called a dancer called dance breaks (not to be confused with acrobatic cheerleading).
With more than 1.5 million participants (excluding millions of school and university athletes), cheerleading is, according to Newsweek’s Arian Campo-Flores, one of the most popular sports in the United States.
Cheerleading is a complete sport, which shapes the body and mind, gives a great sense of team and respect towards others, and trains confidence in oneself and one’s abilities. It’s an all-encompassing sport that has also wowed many American presidents, who were in turn fans in college: Presidents Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, and George W. Bush, to name a few. But also characters from cinema like entertainers like Raquel Welch, Meryl Streep, Kirk Douglas, Halle Berry, Renee Zellweger, Sandra Bullock and Madonna, to name a few.

The first event in which the cheerleading team debuted dates back to 1894 at Princeton University. November 2, 1898 was reported as the birthday of organized cheerleading, when student Johnny Campbell directed cheering the audience. So cheerleading began as a purely male activity, given that at that time only men could enter educational institutions, but since 1923 women also began to join cheerleading teams. At present, it is estimated that 97% of fans are female.
Currently, cheerleading in America is mainly associated with American football and basketball, while sports such as football, ice hockey, baseball, or wrestling are only occasionally sponsored by cheerleading teams.

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