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Virtual reality gaming experiences are finding new impetus with the first ‘truly immersive’ 4D experience recently launched in the UK.

Virtual reality reaches a new level in games room, thanks for the contribution Hollywood screenwriter, Jeremy DrysdaleWho himself wrote the script for the new game: “Chernobyl: hidden depthsIt was created specifically for the brand’s buildings.In a box, in a box, in a boxThe game has just been launched at Digbeth Entertainment Centre, Birmingham, UK, which the author considers to be “a world where gaming, virtual reality, theater and film meet.” The venue is the first of eight immersive entertainment venues to be launched across the UK within the five years coming.

In the game, visitors must fight the elements and overcome dangers in a radioactive facility. They will be able to pick up and touch virtual objects in the game using optical hand trackers, and they will also be able to smell the environment using perfume technology. Behind the project there Atmos VRFounded by Event Technology Strategist Kevin BlairThat introduced military and commercial expertise to the virtual reality sector.

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