Giant of Killington, Brignone will open the race. Pacino with the 4, then Schiffrin…

Saturday (16.00 Italian time for the first round, 19.00 for the second round) Third round of the Women’s World Cup. Blues aiming for the best result, the American host to continue the streak started in Levi’s. Petra Vlhova with No. 2, Hector and Worley close out the first sub: the full start list.

Killington became the season opener among the wide-doors, with the cancellation of Soelden bringing the first Women’s World Cup behemoth to the US East Coast, in the heart of Vermont.

“Superstar” is poised to host a double Grand Challenge weekend that is highly anticipated in terms of public attendance, but also interesting on a sporting level, both for Vlhova’s revenge against Schiffrin in the slalom on Sunday, but especially in the opening Sunday. Saturday with a giant, since the first edition held in 2016, always smiled for Italy.

Sofia Jogia will not be there, who in that first historic moment in Killington climbed the third step to conquer the first podium of her career on the first circuit (she started a record-breaking year, topping the world bronze among the wide doors ), but there will be Marta Pacino and Federica Brignone. , the last two winners on this slope, respectively in 2019 (with the Cuneo region first and Valle d’Aosta second) and in 2018.

Parallel World Champion bib number 4 drawn for the first round starting at 16.00 with the Italian layout (by Marta technician, Daniele Simoncelli, the second one starting at 19.00 will be with an Austrian design, we remind you that both will be visible on live TV in Eurosport 2 and Rai Sport), It was opened by the other blue striker, Federica Brignone.

Aosta Valley, hoping that the weather will lend a hand because the worst danger (with fairly high temperatures) exists in addition to the wind that has often been the cause of this colossus in recent years, will precede Petra Vlhova and Ragnhild Mowinckel, who have by hunting. On the second of 3.

With No. 5 Mikaela Shiffrin will be right out of the gate, in fact in her home theater where she has always won the slalom (5 wins in as many races as a Superstar), but she never won the giant four from 2016 to 2019, despite climbing to the podium . After Levi’s double, the Cup leader will try to continue the streak, but he will also have to watch out for the top two in the Specialty classification at the last World Cup, namely Olympic champion Sarah Hector (No. 6), who is already in great form in Levi’s slalom, and cup holder Tessa Worley, which will close the first subgroup.

In the second, opened by Valérie Grenier (So Dangerous…), maximum attention is drawn to the debut of Lara Gut-Behrami in this 2022/23 film (#9), followed by Frasse-Sombet, Gisin, Siebenhofer and Perky Stjernesund seen in the zig-zag. , loose cannon as Maryna Gasienica-Daniel and finally Katharina Troupe.

After fifteen, we find Linsberger and Holdner, returning from the slalom opening in Levi at decidedly different levels (the Austrian is bad, the Swiss is certainly better), but with ambitions slightly reduced to gigantic size, and the concern also for Molzan and his team’s desire for redemption (No. 21 for the second of the Americans ), to Norway’s Hultmann (No. 23) and Alice Robinson’s rebirth attempt, initially with the No. 30 attempt to change gears compared to the very difficult last season.

The third blue and fourth in the race is Roberta Milesi, who will start 37th ahead of two terrible youngsters like Zrenka Ljutec and Hannah Aronson Elfman, and Caroline Pichler, who will start 60th out of the 63 athletes in the race, after Art’s daughters Lisa Nyberg and Lara Kulturi. The Swedish heiress to Fredrik will make her World Cup debut in bib number 34, but the Piedmontese competing under the Albanian flag will play their first giant after breaking the ice in Levi. For her, start with number 58.

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Female Giant – Killington

Starting List Heat 1: 1 Perignon2 Vlhova 3 Mowinckel 4 Pacino5 Shiffrin, 6 Hector, 7 Worley, 8 Grenier, 9 Gut-Behrami, 10 Frasse-Sombet, 11 Gisin, 12 Siebenhofer, 13 Stjernesund, 14 Gasienica-Daniel, 15 Troops, 37 Milesey, 60 Bechler.

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