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The Superbonus program was completed at the end of 2021. While waiting to understand the fate of 110% support in the maneuver, especially for the so-called villas, in the latter part of the year the owners were quick to apply and offer the necessary documentation to get the maximum discount.

Thus, in just one month, between November and December, the so-called submission to start-up business, i.e. certificates of minimum requirements and adequacy of expenditures, rose to more than 95,000 throughout the Italian territory and the permitted investments amounted to more than 16.2 billion, an increase of about 36% compared to 11.9 billion in November. In total, the “reserved” deductions paid by the state amounted to 17.8 billion euros, of which 12.3 are already due for the work performed.

The photo was taken, as is every month, by Enea and the Ministry of Environmental Transformation, which highlights the extent of the overall investment in housing units that drives construction sites. Although signs of extreme vitality also come from single-family homes, those that – without recent hourly changes in the Budget Code – would have suffered from the Isee roof (which later vanished). In fact, as of December 31, 2021, the indicated subordination of housing units construction sites amounted to 14,330, compared to 7.76 billion of investments. On the other hand, for single-family buildings, Enea reports about 50,000 certificates for 5.4 billion investment. Finally, for the “functionally independent” real estate units, there were approximately 31,400 units totaling 3 billion. The average investment is 541 thousand euros for residential units, 108 thousand euros for family buildings and 96 thousand euros for independent units.

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Looking at the different Italian regions, the largest number of applications were confirmed from Lombardy and Veneto (respectively more than 14,000 and more than 12,000 interventions). On the other hand, the smaller and less populated areas, Aosta Valley and Molise.

The data is seen as a “victory” by the 5 Star Movement, which has always been the number one sponsor of the 110% and is now proposing through the mouth of Senator Agostino Santillo, as a good omen for the year 2022, which is just beginning, to continue on the path followed and to study “a structural rate as well.” for post-PNRR”, considering beneficial effects on both energy transmission and employment.

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