Gianmarco Onstini won the “Favoretto de España 2021” award

success Gianmarco Unestini In Spain.

the boy is a brother Luca Unistini, in the sixteenth edition of Big brother. After this experience Gianmarco He never stopped and traveled to Spain where he gained even greater fame. After failing to beat Al Qaeda Big brother, the Iberian version of ours Big brotherAnd Gianmarco He made himself highly appreciated by viewers who They finally got it on a reality show discount time. newly honest In another reality show, survivors, and took second place.

Much likable, the Italian boy shared his amazing achievement on social media. Gianmarco In fact he won the award Spain’s favorite From the famous Seville magazine. clearly excited, Gianmarco He wanted to dedicate the award to many of his fans:

I have goosebumps, I remember everything from the beginning … Since arriving in Spain in 2019 and a bag half empty, but full of dreams. In the beginning it was very difficult but we always carried on with a lot of positivity and a smile that distinguishes us so much. Gradually I made myself known to my strengths and weaknesses, but I always stayed the same. And today, two and a half years later, the dream has come true. This award is ours, and I say it is ours because without you it would not have been achieved. I love you.

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