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Giacomo Gianotti wins the Torres Brandi Zero Challenge

Giacomo Gianotti won the first edition of the torres brandy zero challenge, A global competition rewards the most sustainable cocktail bar project. The competition asked bar managers and bartenders from around the world to submit sustainable bar designs, in order to show how to run a place with the lowest environmental impact and create the most innovative eco-cocktail.

to sea ​​garden From Barcelona, ​​the other finalists were: Sergio Martinez (Mexico); Daniel Cronin (Canada); Samsa Tokea (Finland); Brian Callega (United kingdom); Akvilė Bieliauskaite (Lithuania) e Livio Morena (Italy), winners of the National Finals, held in early 2022; with GianottiItalian but representing Spain (his bar sky is located in Barcelona).

The day-long competition was held in two stages: the first was where the finalists presented their respective finalists; Sustainability projects; A second in which they were asked to prepare an environmental cocktail, with the ingredients chosen on the spot. The first jury – composed of Lucas Grogliobeverage and sustainability consultant and founder and director Cocteleria Consciente; Maria García de la Fuentepresident Environmental Information Journalists Association (APIA), And Christian VisallyAnd Torres Brandi, Director of Global Spirits Evaluating projects that favor a low environmental impact through the use of renewable energies, waste management, environmentally friendly design, innovation and social responsibility.

To rate the environmental cocktail, the judges – David CordobaSpirit Innovator and Rum Entrepreneur; Julie RainerHis legendary Milady’s, Clover Club And legend and rule therein Netflix Drink MasterAnd Javier ReynosoAnd Torres Brandy Global Brand Ambassador – They considered the selection and use of local ingredients and seasonal produce, management of preparation waste, flair, creativity and technique used.

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Gianotti He presented the most sustainable project, which is distinguished by its broad and ambitious approach based on the management of waste generated from tape and the reuse of organic materials and plastics.

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