Germany’s gold medal in men’s team competition for the 2021 World Cup, beating Austria and Poland in the final jump – OA Sport

Germany is the world champion In the last world ski jumping championships in Oberstdorf, the team competed from Schattenbergschanze (HS137). Pius Bashk, Severin Freund, Marcus Eisenbichler and Karl Geiger Winning the second consecutive German gold in this competition, beating Austria with a score of 1046.6 (Philip Ashenwald, Jan Hoyer, Daniel Hopper and Stephan Kraft5, 1035 (and Poland)Piotr Zila, Andre Stikala, Camille Stuch, and Davee Kubaki, 1031.2).

The race is mainly decided on the last jumpAfter always having fought hard fights. Kraft and Geiger both jumps well, with the former being more linear and the second higher and more powerful, able to put together the best jump in the entire race with 146.5 points flying at 136 meters, near HS. The feared Poland comes true: Kubacki actually went high in the first part of his second attempt, but suddenly fell in height, losing both gold and silver given 130.1 points, drawing from those 127.5 meters so little that he can hopefully snatch first place.

Although it is justified, in part, by an absence Halvor Egger GranrodThe big disappointment is Norway, only sixth, far from now though flashes Johann Andre Furfang and Robert Johansson, Which can’t make up for a few decidedly short hops Daniel Andre Tandy and Marius Lindvik. The Norwegians have a score of 974.1, behind Japan (1017.5), and fourth and fight almost to the end with the two. Sato, Yukiya E Kichi, Naoki Nakamura (Great) and a good version of Ryoyu Kobayashi, And to Slovenia (1010.0), and always not far with And three brevk, Sein, Domain E. Peter, Anzi Lanesic. Seventh Switzerland (856.6, Dominic Peter, Andreas Schuller, Simon Ammann and Gregor DishwandenRussia 8th without knowledge (778.2, Evgeny Klimov, Mikhail Nazarov, Ilya Mankov and Denis Kornilov).

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Among the four jumps in the second series are Finland (344.6), the United States (237.4), the Czech Republic (226.5), Romania (219.8), Ukraine (200.8) and Kazakhstan (198.5).

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