Germany’s elections 2021, what will the government look like: scenarios

The Social Democratic Party demands government leadership after the 2021 elections in Germany are expected. CDU-CSU does not raise the white flag. What are the possible scenarios? Based on the projections, Zdf believes that the coalition that will get the most votes will be the so-called ‘traffic light’, between the SPD (red), the liberals from the FDP (yellow), and the Greens, with a total of 428 (majority It will be 379.

In second place for the number of seats, 419, Jamaica Alliance (in the colors of the flag): Cdu-Csu (black), Verdi and Fdp (yellow). The red and black Grosse Koalition version, which would then have 413 seats, could then be reissued, while the red, red and green alliance, between Spd, Linke and Grunen, would not have enough votes.

“With the current outlook, there is a very clear mandate to form a good and workable government for Germany,” said Olaf Schulz, an SPD adviser, who envisioned forming a three-party coalition.

“The party with the most votes did not always end up forming a government,” said Armin Laschet, CDU president and the union’s candidate for chancellor. “No party is strong enough to form a government on its own and we will have to find common ground,” he added, referring to the formation of a three-party government.

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