Germany, the Administrative Court declares that the software update introduced by Volkswagen after the diesel engine is illegal

There are millions of vehicles to be retrofitted with a catalyst: all those with the Euro5 EA189 diesel engine have already been the subject of a 2015 scandal. The Wolfsburg house is now hoping for an appeal.

Administrative Court b Schleswig-Holstein The previously applied software update was declared illegal Volkswagen On diesel already subject to revision. The new ruling marks a new stage in diesel scandal And the Wolfsburg home could cost very dearly, even if the appeal is still open. The decision is also a slap in the face for the German civilian automobile authority (Kraftfahrtbundesamt – KBA) which authorized theto update.

in September 2015 Volkswagen had to admit more than United States of America He programmed the cars to pass exhaust tests in the lab, while emitting more in traffic Nitrogen oxideUsing devices stopping the filter system is prohibited. more United State So the German house had to equip all diesel engines with catalysts. Not alternatively in Europe where the KBA was satisfied with system update. More than eight million motorists have been in the European Union since then 2016 However, they had to return the cars to the workshop for repair, or they would lose the right to drive.

Environmental Society Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) successfully sued KBA and VW: While removing the original thermal window that lowered exhaust filtration at low temperatures or from an altitude of 250 meters to prevent it altogether, the new program nonetheless introduces new ones. Thermal windows are technically necessary, according to Volkswagen, for Engine protection at lower temperatures 15 degrees Celsius, and therefore are eligible for KBA extension. German administrative judges consulted colleagues from the European Court who explained that they were instead prohibited by group legislation, being legal only in exceptional cases of imminent danger to avoid damage to the engine.

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The ruling applies to all cars golf And Touran Euro 5 With a 2-liter diesel engine EA189. However, DUH stressed that it has also appealed to the same judges for other software updates based on other manufacturers’ models. Both KBA and VW are expected to resume; They will be otherwise Millions The cars, already only in Germany, must return to the workshop, given that DUH wants to also be equipped in Europe with a catalyst at Volkswagen’s expense. Lawyer Claus Goldensteinwhich through its study represents many motorists affected by the diesel scandal, expects that the Kyle-Benjamann Act will have to recall millions of vehicles, thus putting owners in a position to exercise compensation claims already foreseen.

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