Germany, Nazi concentration camp secretary Stutthof goes to the bar at the age of 95: she’s accused of complicity in 10,000 murders

Berlin Accused of contributing to ten thousand murders and fueling the Nazi death machine. Airgard F. The secretary to the commander of the Stutthof, near Danzig, was the first concentration camp built by the Hitler regime outside of Germany. After five years of investigation, German investigators decided to drag her to court, accusing her of complicity in the massacre. Sixty thousand people died in the Polish concentration camp.

Irmgard F is 95 years old and lives in a nursing home around Bienberg in northern Germany. The public prosecutor in Itzehoe said she would be judged “because of the concrete responsibilities she bore in the camp’s work.” Peter Muller Raku. Between June 1943 and April 1945, the former stenographer, who was working in the president’s office and disposing of his correspondence, learned of the many murders that had occurred in the concentration camp. During the investigation, the 95-year-old tried to reduce her responsibilities, arguing that her window did not overlook the field and that she was unaware of the gas chambers.

The former secretary will be tried before a juvenile court: she was a minor at the time. But she was found guilty of “assisting camp officials in the systematic killing of Jewish prisoners, Polish supporters and Soviet prisoners of war as a stenographer and secretary of the concentration camp.” In fact, only about ten years have passed since the “executioner of Sobibor” was tried. John Demjanjuk German courts have radically changed the way they judge those responsible for the Holocaust. For decades, it was necessary to prove their perceived participation in criminal acts in order to bring them to court.

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From the historic trial of the former Sobibor Guard, participation in the Nazi Factory of Death alone became sufficient to accuse him of complicity in extermination. In fact, Irmgar F has been summoned to court before, but as a witness. For the first time, a German court will rule whether she is also an executioner. The prosecutors are convinced of this.

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