Germany, “For 10 years he was a spy for China”: the arrest of a political scientist in Bavaria. They were recruited in Shanghai.

It is identified as Klaus L., 75, and will appear in court today a Monaco. For the German Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Karlsruhe, who arrested him, he was recruited during a trip to Shanghai In 2010 and since then he has worked as a spy for China, to which he passed information almost a decade ago. by source high, a political scientist worked in عالم Hans Seidel Foundation Munich, a think tank close to the Christian Social Union (Csu), the Bavarian branch of the German chancellor’s CDU party Angela Merkel. He could have taken advantage of his dense network of communications, which was built up over time thanks to his location, and enjoyed an excellent international reputation. But there is more: according to investigators, he also worked for German intelligence (Bundesnachrichtendienst).

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