Germany and France (and Italy) sign a declaration against Hungarian anti-LGBT law. EU beacon on the base

in the end evenItaly Signs anti-LGBT law condemnation ofHungary, but only in extreme cases and on a very tense afternoon. Everything happens in Luxembourg, in the General Affairs Council of the European Union. Thirteen countries have signed a joint declaration to stigmatize the new Hungarian law “against gay propaganda against minors and to request the Commission’s intervention” by all means “to defend rights. There are all the greats, from Germany to France, from Spain to Holland to Sweden.

Ddl Zan, Points The Holy See Doesn’t Like: The Article Knot 2

Italy also joins

Italy – where the difficult battle over the Zahn bill is being fought – initially decided not to join the Belgian initiative, which was immediately joined by Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Latvia. We have to wait for a tweet in the evening, while in Rome and Brussels the political debate is already escalating, with Under Secretary for European Affairs Enzo Amendola announcing the shift: Italy has become the 14th country to sign the petition.

The Vatican against the Zhan bill. Lita: “Ready for contract dialogue”, Salvini: “Stop and review as the League requested”

Because Italy did not sign immediately

“At the end of the General Affairs Council – Amendola wrote – no satisfactory explanations have come from Hungary regarding the laws adopted that produce discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. For this reason, after discussion, Italy also signed the request of the other 13 member states of the European Union.” European diplomatic sources say that Italy – along with Austria and Greece – responded by rejecting the first appeal. In Luxembourg, Amendola explained at the outset: “I have personally reiterated with other ministers the need to obtain clarifications on recent amendments which are perplexing because of the discriminatory clauses.” The representative of the Democratic Party added, “But we have not committed to the petition of some countries, and we prefer to wait for the Hungarian position in the Council.”

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Zahn muttered the Vatican: “It violates the charter and prevents Catholics from freely expressing themselves.”


Faced with this move, not long ago the controversy. Nicola Fratoiani, the national secretary of the Italian left responded: “Really did Italy not sign the letter from 13 EU countries expressing concern about another law to kill freedom in the Hungarian system?” Laura Boldrini (PD) pressed: “I would have liked to see the name Italy on demand and with so many people. Unfortunately, that did not happen.” The M5S also distanced itself. In a note, the head of the delegation to the Euroroom, Tiziana Begin, gave her explanation behind the scenes: “Let the League say whether it is on the side of the Western democracies or on the side of Orbán and his freedom-killing power,” thus evoking “the hypothesis that at the root of the failure to sign was pressure from Salvini.” But a stronger impulse eventually prevailed. In the declaration, 14 countries condemn the amendments passed by the Hungarian Parliament, which “violate the right to freedom of expression under the pretext of protecting children.” A “blatant form of discrimination” is unacceptable and must be condemned. Budapest’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Peter Szijjarto insisted , on the defense of the legislation: “It protects minors.” But the European Commission is already assessing whether the law is in line with European laws or violates their laws. The same Ursula von der Leyen, today in Rome for the green light for the Italian recovery, expressed concern Because Budapest is increasingly moving away from the values ​​of the Union.

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