Germany against boycotting the Winter Games Minister Barbock: “I am a sporting celebration”

Prior to Germany’s announcement, South Korea, through Prime Minister Moon Jae-in, had expressed its opposition to a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Games to be held from February 4-20.

The German foreign minister, Annallina Barbock, has spoken out against the use of the Olympics for political purposes, and therefore against boycotts.

Burbock told ZDF that the Olympics is a “sports celebration, athletes prepare for years, sometimes half their lives” and therefore should not be used in this way.

Barbock is visiting Brussels to participate in the meeting of European Union foreign ministers in the Belgian capital for the first time since taking office.

“We have made clear on several occasions how we see the human rights situation in China at present, even in the face of events of the recent past,” he said, adding that – “on this basis” – we will discuss how to move forward in Brussels “together with European partners”.

Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom announced their decision to join the political boycott of the Games announced by the United States, while confirming the participation of their players in the scheduled competitions.

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