German Navy Commander “Putin deserves respect.” Embarrassment of Berlin – Europe

(ANSA) – BERLIN, Jan 22 – “What Putin wants is only respect for ‘respect’ he may also deserve.” There is embarrassment in Germany over the words uttered in Delhi by Vice Admiral Kay Achim Schoenbach, which were circulated in a video on Twitter. The German Defense Ministry distanced itself: “The sayings, in terms of content as well as in the choice of words, do not in any way correspond to the position of the Ministry of Defense,” a spokesman for Bild newspaper said.

Schoenbach was summoned to report by the Inspector General of the German Armed Forces, Eberhard Zorn. “Does Putin really want to integrate part of Ukraine? That’s nonsense. Maybe the Kremlin wants to put some pressure, because Putin knows he can. So he can divide Europe. What Putin really wants is respect.” “It’s easy to give him the respect he wants, and he probably deserves it too.”

“We need Russia against China,” the vice admiral added. (Dealing).

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