Gentlemen, here is the battery that lasts 28,000 years and will change the world

Thanks to San Francisco startup Nano Diamond Battery, in just a few years you can buy a battery made of radioactive diamond that will last longer than your life, and the lives of your children and theirs and beyond.

To build them, very small layers of nanodiamonds (billionths of a meter) are used, which are exceptional conductors of heat, ideal for electronic devices, much more than copper and silver.



Scientists grow these miniature diamonds using chemical vapor deposition, a process in which gases at extremely high temperatures force carbon to crystallize on a substrate material.

This process produces blue diamonds with a higher conductivity than average diamonds. Real blue diamonds are found naturally on Earth, but they are much rarer and even more expensive than man-made blue diamonds.

The big problem with this technology at the moment is the nuclear waste it contains, which is why it has been hypothesized that it could be used in space probes and in vehicles with no one on board, which would have almost unlimited energy to travel as far as they wanted.

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