Genshin Impact, update 3.7: release date, banners, events, and all news announced

Today on Twitch Hoyoverse presented the upcoming news Genshin effect with the’Update 3.7. By tradition we have summarized it below All the details Shared, such as release date, new banner characters, events, and more.

Genshin Impact 3.7 “A Duel! Invoker Inviktus!” It will be available from May 24, 2023. During the live broadcast, as usual, three promotional codes were revealed to redeem 300 Primogems and other useful resources for free.

A teaser trailer showcasing the upcoming Fontaine district was also revealed for the first time Genshin Impact 4.00 release in late summeras it seems that the players will be able to go diving.

The update will include a number of New missions. In the main tournaments, players will participate in a large Genie Invocation tournament that will include old acquaintances from each country, such as Cyno, Hu Tao, and Kokomi, as well as a new character, a reporter from Fontaine named Charlotte. Meanwhile, they will also have to shed light on one of the mysteries. There will also be a new mission starring Yoimiya and a hangout with Kaveh.

new update, New banners. In the first phase of Update 3.7’s lifecycle, those with Yoimiya and Yae Miko will be available, accompanied by the first appearance of Kirara. As for the second stage, it will be the turn of Raya Kaidara Kazuha and Al-Haytham.

Karara She is a 4-star sword-fighting Dendro item character. According to the details revealed during the live broadcast, he is a character capable of supporting the team both offensively and defensively, given his ability to create shields for allies.

The main event of the Genshin Impact 3.7 update is “The Summoners’ Duel SummitWhich will include challenges of all kinds, from battles with special challenges to time trials, as well as trials related to summoning genies. Up for grabs is a new 4-star bow Ibis Piercer, Primo Gems, and more.

Other events will be “Divinity Ingenuitiy: Collector’s Chapter”, where players will be able to create their own dungeons and explore those created by other players, as well as participate in timed challenges with special items; “Departed Veterans Day” with boss fight challenges, with the ability to activate bonuses and penalties to make it easier to challenge or try to get a higher score; “Fayez Trials: Premise”, with combat challenges with gameplay mechanics related to the use of photo mode.

They will also be added New cards to invite Jennysuch as those of Nahida, Raiden Shogun, Venti, and Zhongli, as well as new features and rules, and a semi-competitive game mode where players will be able to test their deck.

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