Genshin Impact bombarded with negative reviews of 1st Anniversary Rewards –

Jinshin effect subject a Bombing negative reviews because of his wages 1st Anniversary. The community basically thought they were not enough to celebrate the event and accused developer miHoYo of being stingy.

The place where most discontent flows Google Play StoreWhere the game’s rating has collapsed below two stars and where user Klahen H explains, for example, after giving the game a star:

The game is well done in terms of graphics and everything. But there’s the Tirchia publishing house that made this game, we’re talking about mihoyo that most gave us on our anniversary was a ten-piece pull that made me turn my nose up. I’m just telling you to be more generous than in other gatchas, the rewards are more generous.

In the same tone of the review of Star By Riccardo Cingolani:

It’s a great game, with nice graphics and a lot of fun, but Mihoyo really exaggerates how stingy you are. On the 1st anniversary, they have various contests for fan art, costumes and the like, but the rewards are drawn at random for 1000 participants and a huge amount of gems are won. So they advertise for free from the community: Congratulations Mihoyo, I’d say that’s enough to piss us off.

In short, the problem is that what is awarded to the players does not correspond to the significance of the event. Who knows if miHoYo He will run for cover by increasing the rewards, or if he will just ignore it and leave the situation normal on his own.

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