Genshin Impact, Babsofthegalaxy’s signature Hu Tao has perfect timing –

Jinshin effect, Being now a global phenomenon, it carries with it consequences such as the fact that it acts as an inspiration for a large number of people Disguise, Such an excellent explanation for Is the Tao From Babsofthegalaxy, Which comes in perfect timing because it practically concerns the latest character added to the game’s comprehensive list, which arrived recently.

It took a few days for the Brazilian cosplayer to actually create a copy perfect The new fighter from the Genshin Impact. It should be noted, however, that the girl in question is traditional on this front and she has them He built the outfit He alone tries to imitate the game character in the best possible way, as also shown in a video posted on Babsofthegalaxy Instagram profile.

The reconstruction is really cool: Cosplayer He is now a specialist in interpreting Genshin Impact characters, having suggested several characters, but that stands out if only for Excellent timing Which was introduced with it, given that the young and strong Hu Tao had practically made it to last week on the list.

If you want to stay in range, we remind you that Nezuko from saya_scarlet from Demon Slayer, signed Bunny Bulma from Meg Turney from Dragon Ball, cosplay Trish from Haori_Senpai from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Himiko Toga from Nez from My Hero’s Academy.

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