Genshin Impact apologizes to players and presents a great gift

We did not expect such a thing. Genshin Impact not only apologizes to the players, but also gives an inconspicuous gift

Genshin effect gift from the company (source:

Although this is incredible news, it actually doesn’t deviate much from the truth of things. Exactly, as it happens especially Happens a lot Let’s say. But what is strange about it? Genshin Impact is planning to give a gift to his players because the address servers have gone offline recently.

In fact, miHoYo has taken its services out of service for a certain period of time due to maintenance reasons. But there is no problem with the intent of the game. In fact, this is the practice related to the access New update for the relevant title. In particular, we welcomed version 2.3 with the new GI update. But here, the company decided to make a gift for all its loyal users.

Genshin Impact and the gift for its users

The effect of genshin regalo
Genshin effect gift from the company (source:

Due to the many hours of game inactivity, the goal of miHoYo Makes the usual gift available for every “to apologize” For an offline system that is useful for updating its address. On November 24, we had the opportunity to view the new GI update as soon as we got back online. Players still scrutinize as much as possible today from one corner of the title, to fully understand and enjoy every small change made by the game.

Meanwhile, all users, Get their talent reward from miHoYo by checking their mail right inside the address. In fact, in GI’s internal messaging system, you will have an email informing you of the actual company delivery that takes place at Primogems.

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Precisely we will find ourselves costly 600 Primogems, divided into 300 to upgrade and 300 to correct skills and characters. Also remember that there are now banners available for Eula, Albedo, and Arataki Itto. What is the best way to invest 600 Primogems that have been awarded away?

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