Genshin Impact 1.3 Update, Release Date and Date in New Trailer –

Jinshin effect Will evolve more with1.3 update, Which will introduce many new features for Play Also on the front is from Date, Which we can get some previews of in New Movie trailer Posted by miHoYo today.

The new update will arrive on February 3 It will also continue the narrative portion, which appears to be related to festival A special from Liyue called “Lantern Rite”, which is somewhat similar to the traditional Japanese and Chinese festivals related to the use of paper lanterns or the like, which has a particularly romantic atmosphere.

Toward the end of the video, a traveler’s twin can be seen appearing, which appears to be part of a somewhat important development in the Genshin Impact story. Among other things, the New character To play represented Xiao, Known as Vigilante Yaksha, who was present in the early stages of the game in the beta version but was removed later, apparently to be re-listed at a later time.

Hence, this is the new introduction after Ganyu, which was made available shortly after the release of Update 1.2 that was done at the end of last month.

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