Genoa sale to 777 Partners Fund, Preziosi sibillino: “Let me work”

Genoa. “I work, let me work.” Genoa chief Enrico Preziosi, accessed by phone through genova24.it, therefore rules out the question of where the negotiations between Genoa and 777 Partners, the Miami fund that has been on everyone’s lips in recent weeks, will be. The message is ambiguous and lends itself to two interpretations. Was the president referring to the sale of Genoa or to the annoyance at that moment? We think that the first hypothesis is the most reasonable.

Contrary to what has been released in some media such as Gazzetta dello Sport, the official status of the operation is supposed to be announced in mid-October.

Negotiations between Genoa and 777 Partners have also attracted the department’s attention Sports intelligence at Cies Sports, a Swiss research and analysis team specializing in the administrative, financial, legal and regulatory aspects of sport. Several days ago via Twitter and via Instagram, even with this circumstance said to mean ‘as reported’ (what the source is unknown), Cies Sports were lopsided by creating a new map of characteristics in Serie A. a.

The galaxy of fund investment is focused, as it already is written, in various aspects of business including aviation, media, insurance and entertainment. 777 Partners has, as a minority shareholder in Sevilla, a board member for the Andalusian team: Andres Blazquez. The last April, in the “independent” un’intervista alla testata, BLAZKIZ Spread the philosophy of the fund: “We think about long-term returns. Football is a long-term investment (…) Football is a very stable source of income, whether in sports rights, in the player trade or in the construction of stadiums, which generates excellent returns for owners of clubs and clubs. itself”.

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“We are in the process of finalizing the acquisition of Two important high-ranking clubs. We will start buying a basketball club in the UK and negotiate joining the Euroleague. “Who knows that Genoa wasn’t already in those plans.

the rest Rossoblo looks a lot like the Blazquez picture of Seville And the reasons that prompted 777 Partners to invest in the club: “Sevilla was in good health, managed relatively well, with very high growth potential, where there were aspects for improvement and with a large number of followers on the field, a historic formation.”

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