Genoa remembers Elizabeth II and repeats her association with the United Kingdom

(ANSA) – Genoa October 15 – A day in memory of Queen Elizabeth II who came to Genoa for an official visit on October 16, 1980 thanks to President Bertini who accepted the requests of the then Mayor Fulvio Seruvolini. His diplomatic advisor and ambassador Carlo Calenda. On the 18th of next October, who wants to renew the deep relations linking the city of Genoa with England, starting with the flag of San Giorgio, which King Ricardo wanted to protect the English navy, since that time the Republic of Genoa was considered the Queen of the Mediterranean Sea and that this flag constitutes a kind of immunity from opponents and pirates.
A bond that strengthened over time since many English writers and artists came to Liguria to feed their inspiration (Byron, Shelley, Milton, Dickens, Addison, Smolert, and Eliot) and that a group of English immigrants in Genoa founded the first Italian football club, Il Genoa cricket and football club.
The event, promoted by the Public States of Italian Heritage, the National Consultation composed of representatives of the most authoritative and important public and private organizations working in the field of heritage, is sponsored by the Municipality of Genoa. At the Palazzo Tursi which hosted Elisabetta II in 1980. The initiative includes the mayor Bucci’s salute, the intervention of the UK Consul in Genoa Denise Ashing Dardani, the President of the States General of Italian Heritage Ivan Drogo Inglese and will be an opportunity to announce the Rolli Days 2023 presentation (the day dedicated to the great listed Genoese palaces In Rowley’s System, Old Lists of Aristocratic Dwellings, editor) at the Italian Cultural Institute in London and the promotion of Genoa and Liguria as the film was set for British production thanks to the work of the Genoa Liguria Film Commission. Guests of the ceremony, including Genoese ambassadors to the world, will be able to enjoy a private visit to the famous Guarneri del Gesù that belonged to Paganini and housed in a sturdy room at the Palazzo Tursi.

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