Gennaro Sangioliano and Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States of America said by a senior journalist at RAI

Sometimes rude, grumpy, irritable. Other times, on the other hand, Neapolitan is real, sarcastic, enveloped, and full of humor. There are days when he appears to be calm with himself and with the world around him, and other days when he seems to have been placed there, in place of him, to be a strict, impenetrable judge and contempt for everything that is in everyday life. It shouldn’t be easy to be close to him, also because he has unimaginable work rates.

Twelve and fourteen hours of spinning, every day for three hundred and sixty-five days a year, never stopping, and for years it has not been known what a lunch break or pizza with friends is. Since Gennaro Sangioliano took over the presidency of TG2, he’s been there for two full years now – appointed on October 31, 2018, on the suggestion of CEO Fabrizio Salini, succeeding Ida Colucci – the only rule that has been imposed on his men, is “the absolute quality of the end product” .

Translated in poor words, it means “absolute balance of information.” “My true luck – he admits – is that I found here at TG2 a team of journalists and technicians with a high value and professional profile, with whom we share a product we feel every day” Woe to be wrong, anyway.

Balance, equal opportunities, absolute respect for minorities, intense interest in politics, and this does not mean the enslavement of power, and the sporty and insane dose of everything on air. But this is the best base for those at RAI who play a role with great visibility like yours, and great media engagement like the newspaper it runs.

59 years unfinished, the current director of TG2, Gennaro Sangiuliano, is without doubt, today, one of the most followed and appreciated RAI journalists by the great Italian and international media circle. Journalist, writer and essay-writer, Gennaro Sanguliano is really in the broad sense, above all because of the many professional experiences gained in all these years on the different fronts of written and spoken communication, but also because of the many historical and political articles that brought his signature, which for months remained at the top of the book list. best seller.

Especially his historical biography which Mondadori published from Putin. Life of Caesar, to Hillary. Life in an American dynasty, “from” Trump. Life of a president against everyone, “to the new Mao.” Xi Jinping and Rise to Power in China Today, “The latest in the series, Speaking of the Press,” Reagan.

The president who changed American politics “is nothing but the adventurous and brilliant life of the fortieth president of the United States of America, specifically Ronald Reagan. But even before that, always for Mondadori, he had come out” A Republic Without a State – Stories of Italy 43 to Today “, jointly With Vittorio Feltre, “Scacco allo czar: 1908-1910: Lenin a Capri, the genesis of the Revolution”, and before that, “Giuseppe Brizzolini: Conservative Anarchist,” with an introduction by Vittorio Feltre, the final work of the Acqui Storia Prize.

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Unforgettable, at least to us reporters, is the very detailed analysis published in 2010, on the occasion of the death of former President of the Republic Francesco Cosiga, Gennaro Sanguliano, in Il Giornale, a truly exclusive investigation in which Sangoliano rebuilt the support granted. From then-president Giorgio Napolitano to the 1993 sacking of former head of state Francesco Cosega, who was now known around the world as the “pickaxe of Italy”.

For him this was one of the most interesting pages of his career as a “historian”, then still a beginner, but it was already sufficient to understand that the young reporter was already very familiar with the state archives, and above all he learned to dose the narrative tones associated with the great institutional secrets. For those years. Behind him, Gennaro Sangiuliano also has a beautiful academic career. After the classic high school at Adolfo Pansini in Naples, he graduated in law at the University of Federico II with full marks.

He obtained a doctorate in law and economics from the same university with honors and published the dissertation. A few years later, the Masters in European Private Law was closed with full marks, under the direction of a great jurist such as Professor Guido Alba, a name and a surety. But it also brings home the prestigious “IASD Diploma” (IASD stands for Institute of Postgraduate Defense Studies), we are talking about the most accredited and recognized Italian Defense Training Institute.

This may be because of the title of his last dissertation, signed jointly with his other classmates, “From Mujahid to Foreign Fighters. The Dynamics, Profiles, Actors, and Organizational Models of Fighters Between the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries,” which many have questioned what Gennaro Sanguliano was doing with testimony from This type.

Imagine someone in the editorial office for him, in his future, a possible intelligence mission in an Italian embassy around the world, but it was pure conclusions and pure literary imagination.

“In fact – he says – it was a pure thirst for personal knowledge of international defense systems.” His career as a reporter has also been full of successes. From 1995 to 1997, he ran the press services of the Campania television station Italia Sette-Canale Otto, then directed Southern Opinion, which is published every two weeks by Publimedia, and joined the editorial board of the Journal of Economics, a periodical considered by some to be close to De Lorenzo .

These are the years in which, together with Cerro Paglia, historical editor of Il Mattino, he published the volume “Il paradiso: voyage to the Deep North”, in response to the controversial “Inferno” by Giorgio Boca. In the early 1990s, he worked for L’Indipendente and then worked for the political editorial board for the newspaper Roma in Naples, and it was here that his friendship with Giuseppe Tattarella, one of the historical fathers of the Italian Right, was born and grew. Del Roma became a director from 1996 to 2001.

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From Naples to Rome the jump is short. He initially became the head of the Romanian editorial team and then the deputy editor of the newspaper Libero under the direction of Vittorio Feltre, and at the same time also collaborated with Il Foglio, L’Espresso and for the cultural pages of Il Sole24Ore. Among his professors are Vittorio Feltre, Lino Iannuzzi and Giuliano Ferrara. But his real secret dream remains “Mama Ray”. Where Gennaro Sangiuliano arrived only in 2003. His debut in TgR, directed at that time by Angela Buttiglione and Deputy Director Pierluigi Camili, with his first destination at the Rai headquarters in Naples.

The private reporter, first, and the department head immediately afterward. But a year later, in 2004, he left the regional headquarters in Naples and was transferred to Rome, to the national agency TgR. Here he became the first deputy chief editor, in 2005, and in 2007 the editor-in-chief (2007). So Gennaro stayed in TGR for another two years, until in 2009 he permanently left the national agency for TGR and moved to Tg1, where he immediately became deputy director of the newspaper. In November 2018, he is finally called up to lead the Tg2.

After Trump and the Clintons, it’s now up to Ronald Reagan. Director How was this project born? And why another book on the great American history?

Americans have brought democracy to us. Since the time the Alexis de Tocqueville article was written, we have been measuring ourselves with this great country, love and criticism for entire generations. Like it or not, the United States is the world that has affected us the most through music, cinema, and artistic trends. Reagan is an American story, from his birth in a small town in Illinois, deep in the Midwest, to the White House, via Hollywood. The human aspect of this story definitely deserves to be told. ”

– Much more might have been expected from a Kennedy biography from someone like you …

“Kennedy has been investigated and celebrated a lot. I remember the beautiful biography of my colleague Ray Gianni Pesach.”

With the Reagan story closed, what else can we expect? What will be your next editorial project?

“I am Crocciano and I stress the value of stories, which are always contemporary truth, in the sense that from studying the past we can draw lessons for the present. Contemporary leaders, who make decisions that can influence our lives, have a history behind them. ”

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– Director, 20 years from RAI, We Are Close: What’s the best moment of your career and corporate adventure?

“Is there much. But I remember when a donor offered him a home after a report by Lino Lombardi on Tg2 about a homeless man living under the bridges of the Tiber River.”

-Is there anything you won’t do again?

“I am one of my toughest critics. In the evening there are at least three things I stop to think about. But I will do all the important things again.”

If you had the opportunity to return to print media, in which a large newspaper works, would you leave television for this new experience?

“I hope to finish my career in Al Rai. Perhaps, as soon as I retire, I will start a newspaper on the Internet. ”

What are you most proud of as a TG2 director?

Let us give voice to ‘hidden truths.’

-What memories do you have of your move to TGR Angela Buttiglione?

“Angela Buttiglione is a great professional, a pioneer in the field of female journalists, and an ideal filmmaker for me. This in TGR was a very valuable formative experience that introduced me well to Rai and made me understand the value of public service. ”

Your best memory instead of TG1? Maybe even the name of a director or a colleague?

“The memory of an extraordinary colleague like Vincenzo Molica with whom I grew up and I’m still in a great relationship.”

– What was the hardest part of billing a high-profile political newspaper like TG2?

“The ability to have all the news within a 25-minute time frame, and make the right choices.”

-If after TG2 they offered you an entertainment program, perhaps with a political-economic leaning, would you do it or would you take a vacation?

“I don’t think so. I like the newspaper and its daily bill.”

-For longer, seen more and more often in TG2Post, along with Manuela Moreno: Is it an accurate editorial choice, or is it the desire to stay more and more on the piece and on the topics of the moment every day?

“Only when there are facts of great importance.”

You already have a wife at home who works as a journalist, but if one day your son, or one of his students at universities where he teaches journalism, asks that you want to be a journalist, what would you say to him? And above all, what do you recommend?

I would urge him to be a doctor or a chemist or a physicist. But I think that the profession will always have great value in mediation and verification of news. ”

Thanks manager. And of course, good luck.

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