Gears 5 and Operation 6 come with three new characters and a map –

Gears 5 His work will start soon Operation 6, Which does not have an official date yet but will arrive soon, and brings with it many new features including Three new characters, new a map And a shorter duration scheduled for the seasons.

So the new 6 should last approximately 11 weeks, Compared to 16 normally required for previous operations. In addition, the new organization also expects for the upcoming seasons a release of Two content packages, One at the start of the process and one in the middle of it, which includes at least one map and two new characters.

Specifically for Operation 6, three new characters are planned to be added to the cast Fighters Usable on Gears 5:

  • Victor Hoffmann, Colonel COG, is considered a war hero
  • Zealot, a locust bred from Ukkon’s experiments with Imulsion and Kantus
  • Queen Reina, mother of protagonist Kate Diaz and the main leader of the cell mind that controls the flock

The next new map is Speyer, Of which there are no photos yet but the Alliance described it as a place with lavish interiors and very large rooms that could be ideal for long-range engagements, but with items that still require more close combat.

So looking forward to knowing Checkout date Out of Operation 6, while Gears 5 was recently enriched by the excellent Hivebusters expansion, distributed for free with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Gear cover 5

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