GB, PM Boris Johnson on the sidewalk: “The end of the month will not arrive”

It is precisely the risk of blackmailing the prime minister that worries the British political world. This is my list of the expenditures that affect Johnson’s personal budget Corriere della Sera, he is tall. There is a renovation of the private apartment on Downing Street where he lives with his girlfriend Carrie Symonds: 58,000 pounds paid with a contribution (never announced) from some conservative party financiers. For the design furnishings, apparently chosen by Symonds in a clear break with the style of Theresa May, the cost would have been £ 200,000 (around € 250,000).

But what we are burdened with above all is the chapter related to Johnson’s private life: the very salty divorce from his ex-wife Marina, the six “official” children who must be supported (but there are those who whisper this list, and also count that “informal”, much longer than that. ), A mortgage of more than 1.5 million euros for the house in south London where he will move in with Carrie and her country house in Oxfordshire.

In short, exorbitant expenditures in the face of revenues that have suffered a sharp slowdown: the official salary of the Prime Minister is 157 thousand sterile annually, which after taxes falls to 95 thousand (about 110 thousand euros), of which others will have to deduct at least 10 thousand euros in taxes. On a Downing Street apartment, Pogo costs personal meals and costs for all of his guests. A figure far from half a million a year he estimates he was able to collect before rising to prime minister: Alone as a telegraph columnist would earn more than 300,000 euros every year.

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To fix it and try to make ends meet at the end of the month, Johnson had turned to Conservative party financiers (nannies and personal trainers are also on the list of expenses to be paid). Then he would ask for a bank loan, which was not officially announced. It is precisely because of the transparency that the debate arises, with Labor cheering on scandal and corruption.

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