Gazelle Trade site ends additional trade

Gazelle, one of the longest-running buyers of used smartphones in the United States, has announced the end of its Basic Commerce Program, which allows phone owners to email phones and other electronic devices for money.

She revealed the news in an email that Gazelle sent to some clients on Wednesday and shared it with her the edge, Means that any potential Gazelle customers will have to receive a quote and start the exchange process by January 31, 2021 (allow 30 days to go by mail by phone) if they wish to take advantage of the program. The service will officially close on February 1, while any active trades will be honored, the company says.

This is not the end of Ghazal’s work. The parent company ecoATM of Gazelle, in operation since 2006, The stalls are working It allows you to get instant cash for a used device, and Gazelle is now used as a retailer to sell these devices at discounted prices after refurbishment. (The catch is that ecoATM ATMs may not pay what Gazelle’s traditional email program, which typically offered more than $ 300 or so, to a flagship the previous year like the iPhone 11 Pro.)

Gazelle does not provide a reason for the decision, but there are some major trends in US mobile phone business that indicate an overall decline in the benefits of cash exchange services. For example, more people than in past years are now renting their smartphones instead of buying them directly, a broad shift from the days when US airlines offered phones at discounted prices in exchange for fixed two-year contracts.

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Now, it’s very easy to pay a modest monthly fee for a phone through a program like AT&T Next Up or Apple’s iPhone upgrade program, with the option to exchange that device for a new one after a specified period of time. Unless you decide to pay off your rented phone early, you cannot return and sell it to Gazelle – and you won’t necessarily want to do so as it has little financial meaning.

Additionally, Gazelle’s business boomed early on with iPhone exchanges again when selling your phone for the latest Apple products was a popular strategy for early adopters. Now, Apple has a Its powerful exchange program (Plus the rental program) This gives you pretty much the same result.

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