Gattuso, not controversial. But the tension is high with Valencia

The more time passes, the more Gennaro Gattuso’s expression is similar to that of Cesare Prandelli. Which would also be a compliment, had it not been for the departure of the former coach of the national team Away from valencia by closing the door. Only the coach from Brescia had the courage to tell both Peter Lim and his players. And yes, because if it is true that the owner of the Spanish club mocked him by promising him heaven and earth – without fulfilling even one of his promises, as he did with his predecessors, and he will do after him with his energy. successors – it is true that What particularly angered Prandelli was the lack of ambition in his dressing room Who did not want to rebel against the lack of interest in the Lime Club. In fact, he took it as an excuse. And the former blue coach could not stand it ((«the outside», his last letter), entering history as The only technician in the Lim era who did not receive severance pay. And yes, because just like all the other trainers the Asian entrepreneur has picked out, Not even Prandelli was able to reach the natural expiration of his contract.

Possible future of Gattuso

Unlike the others, however, he has resigned himself. The feeling is that history can repeat itself with Gattuso. In fact, the Calabrian coach, as much as he tries to take the blows in style, can explode sooner or later. Immediately after Monday night’s disappointing draw against Almeria, Renault confirmed that they are not looking for excuses or excuses.: «Now, I’m in charge. I’m the one who decides who should play and when it takes so little of the team to hurt him, you just have to think and think. It is not correct to talk about the quality of the team because it is up to me to take my responsibilities. It would be easy to say I miss the players and stir up controversy, but now is not the time». And it is precisely this last sentence that betrays Gattuso’s true state of mind. And yes, because when he says “This is not the timeHe explains that he wants to reach the fateful 40-point threshold as soon as possible, and then takes out all his frustration on Lim over broken promises. Which is why when asked if he would make it in January in person, Gattuso cut it short: «This is a question for the athletic director».

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Odds of 40 and the passion of Mastala

Therefore, its main goal is to ensure the safety of your team before the explosion. And it does not matter whether he is then acquitted or, as Prandelli did, once he reaches the age of forty, he will be the one to resign. Since his arrival at Mestalla, the club has sold him its most talented players: Gonzalo Guedes and Carlos Soler. And if captain José Luis Gaia stays, it is because Gattuso put his face in it, assuring him that – despite everything – the club’s project is ambitious. Yet so far The only thing ambitious is Mestalla’s demeanor, which the Calabrian coach has embraced and supported since day one Believe him when he assures that with Lim he will not be a kitten, but a “lion”. It is for this reason that Juventus fans will never forgive him for any betrayal, because if they so desperately stop competing for ownership, it is only because it was Gattuso who publicly demanded that the environment remain unified and that everyone do their part for it. Good team. However, at this point, Ringyu has to ask Lim if he hasn’t already.

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