Gator forces golf club bars and “finishes” on bike path: shock video

A slightly reassuring video captured at a private golf club in Placida, Florida where an alligator can be seen forcing fence bars, widening as if it were made of rubber, with the animal’s incredible strength. The video, posted on social media, shows an amphibian “shouldered” as it presses its claws against the bars with extraordinary ease.

Fear in the golf club

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Only later was it announced that the animal did in fact not have a particular strength, but that the bars were made of aluminum, which is a less hard metal and not really indicated as a security measure in an area of ​​the United States. States, Florida, inhabited by these primitive creatures that take us back to the mists of time.

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Where were you

The crocodile’s startling gesture was filmed by a golf club employee, who said he built the fence to protect the club from entry by strangers, since it is located near a bike path. Although it is not known if the alligator crossed the fence after that, as the video pauses, it is reasonable to believe that the amphibian ended up in the course path.

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