Garmin Clipboard arrives in Italy and Europe

Garmin case It is a single tool for setting up and monitoring Running coaches To analyze more data about your team’s performance.

Garmin portfolio in Italy and Europe

Garmin Announced a few days ago the possibility of usingGarmin Clipboard™ app Also on Italian and European territory. Thanks to this complete and free training tracking solution, the coaches and athletes who use it Compatible Garmin smartwatches will be able to Track key data to analyze your performance and take advantage of hundreds of preset workouts directly from your compatible Apple® or Android™ device.

Garmin Clipboard is for coaches and assistants

In addition to looking at metrics like Progressive race divisionstempo VO2 max And to track performance trends for individual athletes or an entire team, coaches—and now assistants, too—can use the Garmin Clipboard to:

• Track advanced running and sprinting dynamics
• Apply threshold filters to teams or individual athletes
• Access to hundreds of pre-set workouts
• Add custom workouts
• Stay on top of the injuries and recovery process of the athlete
• Send announcements and goals to the entire team
• Leave training and exercise notes for individual athletes

Through the Garmin Clipboard Athlete Portal, every athlete will be able to monitor their training:

• Track your running stats
• Logging of injury and related recovery process
• Review the exercises and announcements posted directly by the trainer
• Leave feedback with your coach
• View the weather forecast

How to use Garmin Clipboard

Once a coach adds individual players or an entire team toThe free Garmin Clipboard appAthletes will be able to record their running sessions on Garmin smartwatch compatible with the app and sync with Garmin Connect™ To automatically log your activity in Garmin case.

…or visit the site!

Who is Garmin?

Garmin offers GPS and wearable technology for the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and fitness markets.

Garmin products are known for innovation, utility, and excellence in the markets in which they operate. The Company and its subsidiaries employ More than 19,000 employees in 34 countries around the world.

Based in Switzerland

Garmin Ltd. is headquartered in (NYSE: GRMN) in Switzerland and has major subsidiaries in the United States, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.

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