Garden furniture: how much do Italians spend?

The garden enriches the house and increases its economic value. So why not provide it in the best possible way? Especially with the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions that have blocked the country for months, Italians have begun to give increasing importance to outdoor spaces, trying to make them more livable. The trend continues. But how much are you really willing to spend?

Garden furniture: how much do Italians spend?

The garden It is an area of ​​increasing importance in the home: it is so in the winter but even more so in the summer when it is used for relaxing moments in the fresh air without leaving the house. We eat, relax and have fun with friends. In short, there is no limit to the possibilities offered by this magic corner.

To experience it to the fullest, though It is essential that the garden is well furnished! Italians who try their hand every year know just that I’m looking for accessories and decorations To make their outdoor space more welcoming. Recent polls speak for themselves: on average, Italians spend between 1500 and 2000 euros To furnish a garden from scratch.

This means that it is always included in the purchase process Tables, chairs, sun loungers, hammocks and even gazebos or awnings to create the right shaded areas. The Barbecue It is a separate expense where you can choose between building or metal models. For the prime number, according to preferences, the Italians add an additional expense From 100 to 1000 euros.

result? In Bel Paese, there is no fear of spending to make the park comfortable with payments that are, on average, around About 2500-3000 euros per family.

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