Games don’t sell, Japanese shopkeepers complain –

Japanese shopkeepers are not happy with the performance PS5 at home. The situation was so bad that it ended up on TV, with an interviewed shop owner expressing his disappointment at the Bad game sales From the console, due to the small number of owners. In fact, the situation appears to be much worse than what happened at the launch of the PS4. At best, some stores receive a supply of PS5 or two to sell to their customers within a month. Really very few.

Some commentators have pointed out that there may be no stocks in Japan because Sony supplies moreWest. Others pointed an accusing finger at the promotion, claiming that many of the consoles sold were not in the hands of players.

The bottom line is that the PS5 seems to deliver excellent numbers in the West, while in Japan it struggles a lot. After all, the same domestic sales rankings, which we report on weekly, show how Sony’s latest generation console games struggle to enter the top ten and are often outdone by PS4 versions of the same genre. Unfortunately, the situation is likely not to improve in the coming months, at least until the semiconductor crisis that limits production for many devices is eased, as Nintendo itself has noted in spite of itself.

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